Telecom Rigger

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Job Description

Responsibilities :

Inspecting and preparing loads that need to be moved.
Setting, aligning, and leveling heavy equipment machinery.
Selecting the appropriate rigging gear.
Preparing rigging equipment including beams, pulleys, clamps, and bolts.
Inspecting rigging before final use.
Monitoring and maintaining rigging equipment.
Maneuvering loads using heavy equipment machinery and by hand.
Ensuring compliance with state and company safety procedures.
Communicating with the rigging and construction team.
Breaking down rigging equipment and conducting post-rigging inspections.


3+ years working as a rigger in wireless an microwave ericsson equipment
In-depth knowledge of rigging equipment and heavy machinery.
Excellent hearing and vision.
Ability to work at heights and in noisy environments.
High-level mathematical skills.
Physical fitness and ability to lift heavy equipment.
Ability to work outdoors in harsh weather conditions.