About Company

Company name:Bag Cottage Industries
Position:digital marketing
Experience:mainly freshers with fresh ideas and experienced also appreciated
Company profile:➢ Bag Cottage Industries is dedicated to serving our customer’s with wide range of bags and products.
➢ Bag Cottage Industries sell’s all kinds of bags Indian and Imported like ladies purse, ladies wallet, clutches, back packs, jute bags, shopping bags and other’s.
➢ Plastic Cottage Industries is our parent company established in the year 1962. Bag Cottage Industries was established in the year 2010.
➢ Bag Cottage Industries employes more than 100 people directly or inderctly all over India. Each person employed by Bag Cottage Industries is part of its extended family.
➢ Bag Cottage Industries plans to enter digital marketing space in a big way. For that purpose Bag Cottage Industries is looking to have right candidate which would help in achieving its aspirations.
➢ Bag Cottage Industries plans to increase its sales by 50% over the next year and increase employment by 25%.