Sabir Ghani

Content Creator / Digital Marketing

About Candidate

This is Sabir Ghani from Karachi, Pakistan. I’ve been a part of the media industry since 2007 and currently I am working with Aaj Entertainment TV as a Drama Director/Producer and I produce content for digital media too.


I am a Filmmaker, a Promo Producer, and a Content Creator. I have full command on the post-production (editing) side as well. I am a good team lead, can brief projects, and provide them with proper directions. I support positivity and working in a healthy environment, where everyone can put their 100%.



·         Product & Development

·         Project Execution

·         Promotion

·         Digital Content Creation


Please have a look at the attached resume and a minute show-reel below:


I am an expert in developing ideas, producing content, their promotional plans, etc. And I’m looking forward to the opportunity as I can prove to be the best fit for the position.




BS in Media Science

Paf - Kiet

BS in TV & Films (Media Science)

Work & Experience


Director / Producer

December 9, 2016
Aaj Entertainment

Currently working here. Have few drama projects. Now also working for Digital.